Most business owners are looking for ways to cut down time on tasks and increase efficiency. If you have never considered marketing automation for your business but weren’t really sure what the benefits would be then keep reading. We are going to take you through 8 reasons why you should definitely look at implementing it.

1. Reduces staff costs

Marketing automation reduces the amount of human time needed to nurture and cultivate leads into sales so this can reduce your costs significantly. Businesses are able to secure more customers with less sales staff. This also means that smaller businesses with good automated setups can outperform larger businesses and teams who still do things such as sending personalised emails to potential customers manually.


2. Increased amount per sale

An effective marketing automation program can increase your sales by creating opportunities for up-selling and cross selling automatically. You have the opportunity to create a sales funnel that really drives conversions with multiple offers that can add value to existing customers and revenue to your bottom line.


3 .Better tracking and more accountability

Marketing automation is great when it comes to tracking and analytics so that you can identify some of the areas where you can improve your current system. You can also identify any significant weaknesses – weather that is in your team which you then have the opportunity to address with training or whether that’s in your actual automated system itself where perhaps your offers aren’t resonating with your audience. Its black and white impartial data that helps you to see everything clearly with birds eye view. So you can then pick the key components that you want to work on and improve to increase your profitability.


4. Productivity growth

No matter the size of your particular business every company has a limitation on time, resources and staff. We cannot create more than 24 hours in a day but what we can do is squeeze every little bit of productivity out of the time that we have with this automated marketing setup. Productivity will grow when as you reduce the time it takes to close sales.


5. The boost of creativity

When you remove consistently repetitive tasks from your staff members it can shift their mindset from a checklist or data entry oriented style of working where their focus is for example “I need to send an email to x,y,z today and make sure that I follow up with so-and-so today”. Instead they can start strategising and looking at the overall structure of the current marketing setup. You want to get the most out of their creative minds, it can drive a huge ROI. You want them asking themselves are our offers creating as many conversions as possible? What are some opportunities we can explore? Make those minutes count for more to your business. This increased creativity can lead to your team to being able to outperform your competitors who are still going through this outdated way of manually doing everything without any time for creative marketing.


6. Strategically target customers via multiple platforms

Automated marketing helps you effectively target your customers across multiple platforms both online and offline. Your system can be set up in a way that your brand is consistently nurturing people through your sales funnel – to do this with human beings manually it is very labour intensive and the return on investment is not going to be as high because people physically cannot get through as much as automated software can. Many of these marketing tools available today do offer the option of multi-channel targeting so that may include things such as email, social media, text messaging and so on depending on your specific needs.


7. Ongoing A/B testing

Imagine being able to have a simple overview of your marketing campaign where you have A/B testing going on throughout each and every step of your automated funnel. Again, this is not something that is easily done when using human beings, a lot of the time you would be relying on verbal feedback which is based on the opinions of team members. Whereas statistical data is very black and white, you can also incorporate feedback from your team which will amplify your efforts even further, increasing the efficiency of your funnel, moving more people through right until the end where we want them to be making that purchase and becoming a repeat customer.


8. Increased customer lifetime value

Marketing automation isn’t only going to increase your sales in the beginning or as a once off this is something when implemented correctly means that your customers are going to repeatedly purchase from you and stay loyal because you’re always going to be top of mind. Say for example you are a hotel working on increasing direct bookings, once you have acquired direct bookings you may then decide for the customer’s next birthday to send a personalised automated email wishing them a Happy Birthday, thanking them for being a customer and giving them an offer that they can redeem upon their next stay. Over time these efforts can have a very positive impact on your bottom line and keep your customers happy.

These are just a few reasons why marketing automation is a great process for people to have implemented for their business. It can be quite complicated to set up and at times it’s best to outsource these for your own time efficiency (& sanity) so that you can maintain focus on running your business. If you would like to grow your business with digital marketing strategies that work then get in touch with our online marketing agency in Melbourne today to discuss your needs.

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