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Did you know that around 94% of internet users search online before making their purchase decision? If your Wollongong based business doesn’t have search engine visibility for the key searches your ideal customers make then your competitors are going to be enjoying all of the leads and customers. Right now, chances are that your local and ideal, “ready to buy” customers are using a search engine, like Google to find a business that provides products or services just like yours. The question is will they be finding your business, or your competitors who have invested in Wollongong SEO campaigns?

Your website is the most valuable online asset your Wollongong based business owns

Wollongong is a thriving business region in New South Wales, though many local business owners have not been enjoying as many leads and sales as they could be. Thats where quality SEO services come in. With strategic Wollongong SEO campaigns your business can be found top of page for key searches your target customers make, meaning you can enjoy more business than your competition. However, just having the right traffic and users to your website isn’t quite enough. You want to ensure your business has a responsive WordPress website design, that has conversion optimisation methods in place to convert as many users into customers as possible.



of consumers search online before making purchases


searches made on Google per minute


of people don't go past the first page of search results

Wollongong SEO Campaigns: Packages, Plans and Pricing

At Ormi Media we believe no two Wollongong SEO campaigns should be the same, that’s because no two Wollongong based businesses are the same. Our ongoing local SEO campaigns are formulated to increase your brand’s presence on search engines and will be custom quoted based on a number of factors including your specific location, industry, your competitors, how long you have been established and so on. These factors and others are used to determine the amount of time per month that will need to be invested to work towards your online growth goals with SEO in Wollongong. The prices below are the common starting point for our website search presence growth campaigns, intended to give you an idea of the typical monthly investment.

Please note that prices do not include Australian 10%GST, if you are an Australian based company GST will be applied.




This is a great starting point for established local businesses in low to medium competition locations and niches looking to grow.


From $1497


Most Popular



Popular with entrepreneurs determined to grow their business online. Also for established local or national companies in more competitive niches.







For larger national, international or e-commerce businesses and those in highly competitive industries looking for long term online growth.





Not all SEO consultants and agencies in Wollongong are created equal. Ormi Media has worked with brands around the world including Wollongong to help them enjoy more business with effective digital marketing and SEO services. Our primary focus is on helping your business grow online by driving better traffic to your website and improving conversions.
You don’t need the biggest SEO agency in Wollongong but you do need the service provider who has a great track record of assisting business owners achieve online business growth and ROI on their marketing dollars. If you are reading this, then the chances are that you were looking for Wollongong SEO and if our team can beat the local Wollongong SEO agencies, just imagine what we can do for your business.
All of our correspondence is done through online channels so no matter where you are located in New South Wales or beyond, Ormi Media can work with you to achieve your goals. Get in touch to see if we are the right fit for your Wollongong based business.


“Ormi Media helped our brand get established in the digital world with SEO. We are now on the front page of Google search and our site gets traffic from our ideal customers around Australia. They have great communication and prompt responsiveness to all our digital needs and questions. Very professional and passionate individuals. If you are sitting on the fence about joining up don’t think about it. Just do it. Its Money well spent. Especially if you don't know what you’re doing like me. Everything is taken care of and explained well along the way. I would recommend using Ormi Media as their services are fast and excellent. Also if your webpage looks like it needs a clean up, facelift or you are looking to create a new webpage for your business. These guys are the one stop shop to visit!”

Antonio Colaiacovo

“I enjoyed working with Natalie because I felt important, valued and listened to. Every phone call and online meeting was a pleasure because I felt comfortable speaking with her and confident in the knowledge that she wanted the best outcome for my brand. Natalie went the extra mile by touching in after our meetings and ensuring I had understood everything. If you are considering Ormi Media, you have nothing to lose and no time to waste. Everybody likes to feel valued and heard, and others in the industry made me feel as if I was just another invoice. This personal service and caring attitude sets Ormi Media apart, and I am looking forward to an ongoing relationship with Natalie and her team.”

Bianca SciessereProfessional Blogger & Podcaster

“During the time that Ormi Media was looking after our website, I had no worries, as they took care of everything. They are extremely knowledgeable and keep up to date with what is changing in the industry. They were pleasant and down to earth to work with, and having such an amazing passion for what they do. They went out of their way to do things.”

Samantha EiseBusiness Development manager

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